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Weekly Update - 28 June 2020

This week we completed many more rooms, only 12 to add now. We added picking up items, including keys, new weapons, and life. We added doors. And we added being able to complete the game. Apart for the 12 new rooms, we need to render virus animations in four colour maps, and then we can release beta one, depending on how the seriously remaining bugs are. So you might be able to play next Saturday if we are quick.

Weekly Screenshot 28/06/2020


Weekly Screenshot 21/06/2020


Weekly Update and Tech Stack

This week we added 24 screens to the map. We programmed changing screen when you move off the edge of the map, and we programmed tile hardness, so that sprites (except flying ones) and the player are blocked by fences, rocks and water. Tech Stack is  JavaScript: React native . Javascript Apps and Rendering 2d screen  We use Expo  SDK 37, development kit for React Native.  IDE Intelij IDEA.  IDEA for Java and Javascript Redux  Manage State in Javascript React-Redux  Link Managing state with Redux into React  We have a single ad unit using google Admob. Tiled Map Editor  which we paid for, but can  be used free GIMP - GNU Image Manipulation Program Blender for Rendering our 3D images to 2D Povray  Programmatic 3D Rendering for our Bacteriophage Virus Graphics Sound Playing Expo Av

Weekly Screenshot


Virii Attack Game for IOS and ANDRIOD

Welcome. We are developing the IOS and ANDROID game: Virii Attack. We hope you enjoy.